Badass half-orc melee ranger


I’m from Rendack – a small village about a day out from Ragos. I trained with the Ragesian military like my two brothers. I’m a hand-to-hand fighter. I was part of the Coalfangs. We were known for getting the job done. We were tight; Krusk was our Commander and he was a good leader.

A few years ago we were assigned a mission to scout out a handful of villages, looking for signs of Shahalesti spies. We got to Amlock, the last on the list, and hadn’t found anything suspicious at all. In fact they were all really welcoming, and Amlock even had a half-orc mayor.

Anyway, most of the unit (including me) went to report our findings to the High Inquisitor. Krusk allowed 5 of our men to break with procedure just this once, and stay in Amlock to re-stock on supplies.

The main camp was up top of a good vantage point a few miles away. As Krusk was giving our report a scout rode up and we noticed smoke in the distance rising from Amlock. He said that Ragesian forces had sent a mercenary unit to burn down the village but our five squad-mates had turned on them. They’d all died in the fire along with the villagers.

The High Inquisitor glared at us: he said Coaltongue needed to make an example of one them, to keep the other villages in check.

We were ordered to lay down our weapons. Krusk knew by now what was happening. He quickly ordered us into formation and that day we fought our own people for our lives. We barely escaped and took heavy losses. But in the end we were stronger and fitter than the Inquisitor’s sorry group of guards.

After that we went our separate ways. I went to Gate Pass and did some mercenary work. Simple jobs to start with; helping outlying farmers with bandit problems, escorting traders to nearby villages, that sort of thing. I got involved with the Gate Pass military from time to time.

When rumours started up about Coaltongue being dead I knew we were in trouble. Coaltongue was a tyrant but he was powerful and he kept the peace. Nobody else in that force could do the same.

One of the Gate Pass guards had hinted at some anti-Ragesian activity going on behind the scenes there. I joined them.


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