Paelias Valenae

A Shahalesti with the arcane skills of a bard


Level 1 Bard
AC: 17, Fort: 10, Ref: 15, Will: 17
Passive Perception: 11
Passive Insight: 19
Knows rituals: Traveler’s Chant and Make Whole

Height: 5’10"
Weight 156 lbs
Age: ~50 years

Lightly build Shahalesti with blonde hair and green eyes.
Carries a light shield and wears a long sword. Under the cold weather clothes needed for life in Gate Pass he wears hide armour.


Paelias (phon: Pay-lie-ass) is the middle of 3 brothers to the merchant Valenae house. His father, Querion, has run the family business for over 100 years from the Shining Lands’ capital Calanis. As a trading house the family runs caravans to Gate Pass and freight ships to ports in Dassen and Ostalin, employing a large number of human guards, drivers and sailors as well as a few elves as outriders.

The life and politics for the Valenaes family was a rough one. While all the Eladrin in the Shining Lands hold noble position over the other races that work there, a divide exists between those who are noble purely by birth and those who work for their fortune. As a merchant house, Paelias’ family stand in the latter category. Even from this stance their favour has always been low at court. The story goes that when Lord Shaaladel first ascended to power. His aggressive policies with forming armies caused a lot of waves at the Shahalesti court and many disapproved, especially as he showed signs of favouring an alliance with the Ragasia. Querion was one of a number of nobles who stood up to Shaaladel, but unlike many of the others being noble by merchant roots rather than through inheritance he did not have the support to stand up to the lord’s backlash.

Balaesh, Paelias’ older brother, spent much of Paelias early life being groomed to take over the running of the House while his younger brothers were sent to learn other skills in the world. This was the tradition within the Shahalesti. Merculio, the youngest of the 3 was sent to study in northern Shahalesti city of Tandaris in the ways of the Lord of Travellers, Lady of Sailors and God of Merchants. The gold voiced and silver tongued Paelias had a talent for singing and playing instruments from an early age and was often tasked with entertaining at social gatherings of other Eladrin merchants. He was sent to learn of the neighbouring Dassen. A friend of the family put in a good word to get him enrolled in the Lyceum college where he learned the arcane arts.

He excelled in the arts of spell duelling under the tuition of a human named Aethica. Aethica was a kind teacher who pushed her students hard. Inspite being a skilled mage, she was no older than Paelias. They were firm friends and learned much through study and more while Paelias studied in the school. It was a relaxed time, far from the war, where many years were enjoyed. But eventually all things must change and it was time for Paelias’ education to move to learning of the wider world. He regretted the move away but the wanderlust was inescapable.

Though never distinguishing himself as a wizard, Paelias grasped the bardic arts well and when he returned to Calanis his father placed him in charge of travelling the treacherous roads to and from Gate Pass. The trip was never easy, but with bardic skill to bolster the troops along their way the trip was quick. When the wagons broke down, Paelias rituals were invaluable in repairing them. When fights did occur Paelias used his skills to lead, heal, encourage and support the House’s human guards earning their respect and admiration, especially when Paelias had a gig at one of the Gate Pass inns and his men were extended greater hospitality for it.

A distrust of the Shining Land’s ruler and his needless imperial tendencies and his choice of alliances with Coaltongue has long been a concern of the Valenaes family. War can build trade but glowing peace time is better. From a young age, the following of traditions that allowed his sons to learn from other cultures and escape a fate bound into Shahalesti politics was impressed into Paelias by his father. In Gate Pass, he came into contact with the Resistance and learned how important it was to keep the city state neutral. Between running jobs to and from Calanis, Paelias ran jobs for them. His talent for talking to people and ability to move amongst Shahalesti earned him a place with the Outlanders. The Outlanders are a team within the resistance made up of members of the Ragesian Empire, the Shining Lands and of any racial group who would otherwise be assumed to take control of Gate Pass for their own ends. They work at passing information where it needs to go and disrupting it when it does not need to go elsewhere. Whether working the streets or a fancy party they are a dangerous group to be up against.

Most recently, however, things have become worrying. Paelias received a letter couriered by Sorano, a faithful elf who worked for the Valenaes, advising him to stay in Gate Pass for the time being and keep a low profile. The letter was signed by Balaesh and did not give more information. Though he wishes to return home Paelias has decided to listen to his brother’s request, at least until the snow dies down a little and the roads are a bit less treacherous.

Paelias Valenae

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