As Winter Comes

The plan starts coming together

First time in the Eladrin ghetto. It’s a strange place but we made it out alive, and with the box – finally.

Erdan Menash has strange taste. His staff are all dressed in bright multicolours like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We were shown inside and saw his garish celebrations. When Erdan arrived he told us that there was a red dragon over Gate Pass on the night of the attacks. He also told us about a huge earth elemental that had manifested in the sewers and killed several councilmen.

We discussed the situation with the intel we’d gotten hold of. He was not convinced by our plan so Paelias smoothly explained everything we had discovered. Donnacha was impassioned by his duty to the city, and I backed up our story with my plans for travelling cross-country to Lyceum. We convinced him eventually. He told us that Captain Herreman would be travelling out of the south gate in the next few days, and gave us a letter allowing us to travel with his squad.

Erdan also donated some strange items from his collection; Torrent took a falchion shaped like a dolphin. Humans…

We left Erdan’s manor and started walking through the snow toward the barracks. We were approached by some guards who shouted at us to stop. Donnacha challenged them as their uniforms didn’t look right. He had good reason as they attacked us; a move they will regret….




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