As Winter Comes

The Gauntlet

We left the watch tower early. It felt good to be out and on our way. Best not think about what’s happening in Gate Pass. After a few hours’ travel Donnacha and Rigar said we were about to pass through “The Gauntlet” – a long, narrow gorge through the mountains. They told stories of ambushes and hidden attackers up on the high ledges.

The stories were true. As we entered “The Gauntlet” I spotted some shadows high above. Soon after we were bombarded with rocks and arrows. We spurred on our horses and dashed through as quickly as possible. Our attackers knew what they were doing and were setup at intervals all along the gorge, attacking our horses as we charged past. Too high up for us to realistically fight back, though I was angry enough to break some skulls. Kathor of the Black Horse was blocking our way at the end of the gorge. Made little effort to stop us. I didn’t wait around to ask why, but I’m still baffled.

Our party took heavy injuries and mine and Donnacha’s horses were half dead by the end. Rigar somehow made it through intact. Must be some wizard trick. Paelias had a few troubles but made it through ok. The ambushers didn’t follow us. Can’t have been paid enough.

We rested briefly to catch our breath, then again set off toward the Innentodar forest. We spotted a dwarven work gang in the distance. Seems a new dwarf settlement was being established in the mountainside under ‘King’ Marben Diamondheart. Never heard of him if I’m honest.

We surrendered our weapons – not too happily – and were taken to the King. He was friendly for a dwarf. We were maybe a tad too honest with him about being with the Resistance. He did seem to appreciate this but still wanted ‘proof’ of our good intentions. Paelias and Donnacha went off to investigate some theft in the grain stores. Me and Rigar helped them fix some of their shoddy engineering. I expected better from dwarven engineers, but they aren’t used to building outside. They got caught out by wind and rain; easy enough problems to fix.

We feasted well last night. Dwarves are not always good company but they know how to throw a feast. After they offered us ale and warm beds, and we left in good spirits this morning. As we walked it got a lot warmer as leaving the mountains – Innentodar is getting closer.

We’ve just fought off a group of Gnolls and their hyenas. Rigar is becoming more adept with his magic. He is actually quite effective now in combat. Without a sword or any real weapon to speak of. He said he hits them with their own minds. Or something. Huh.




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