Gate Pass Military

Gate Pass Military Police Hierarchy

  • Led by a Captain-Commander, with 2 Lieutenant Commanders.
  • Divided into 6 Companies.
  • 4 Companies are assigned to 4 military police districts with a 5th – Eagle company – providing mobile support and specialist roles as required by the other companies. It is also the home of the Elite Griffin Riders.
  • The 6th, Firedrake company, is a half strength company which runs training for the entire force and also mans the city’s central jail. Firedrake is where older, experienced members of the force go when the day to day challenges of patrolling become too much.

Each company consists of 5 squads of 10 men each – 7 Constables, 2 Corporals and led by a Sergeant. Squads rotate between sentry duties at gates, mobile patrols and training. Each company is led by a Company Commander, with support from the Company Sergeant, Company Quartermaster and 5 runners (constables on temporary assignment).

Each company also generally has access to 1-3 mercenary wizards from Gabal’s school.

Total strength is 374 men.

Gate Pass Military

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