As tall and strong as the typical warrior, Torrent is a distinctive looking woman with tanned skin and short white hair. Under a dark winter coat she wears a breastplate decorated with blue wave-like etchings, and a holy symbol to a sea god is tied to her wrist with a leather cord. Her demeanor is smooth but forceful, like an ocean wave.

When in control, Torrent takes on the air of a delegating leader. At heart she feels she is a battle cleric, but her latest training places her learning the gentler aspects of her god. Her current mentor is Lee Sidoneth, a caretaker of water based in Seaquen, whose many observations revolve around the sea and the shore. Torrent tends to quote his sayings often. As part of her current training, Torrent will tend to the wounded or dying before engaging in battle.



As Winter Comes Frore