Rigar Valentis

Highly skilled wizard specialised in battlefield control


- 31 years old human wizard
- top graduate from Gabal’s School
- sub speciality in control spells
- best friend at Gabal’s is Lars Holmstedt
- my rival at Gabal is Trimas, he was the Valedictorian, I was Salutorian
- Konrad Schulz is a father figure for me and sponsored me for Gabal’s


Gabal’s School of Wizards Exam, October 21st
Class: Literature
Topic: Autobiography – describe your life from childhood to present and defining moments within it, in about 500 words.

My name is Rigar Valentis. I was born and raised on a farm on the far southern outskirts of Gate Pass, as the youngest of three sons to my father Vidar and my mother Lillian. My father grew up on the Valentis Estate, as did his father before him. The farm has always been the family’s life. The food and the few livestock we had was sold or traded in Gate Pass. I have two elder brothers to live up to. Borvin, the oldest, is a strong tall lad who started working on the farm when he was 5. My father always used to say: “Borvin, my boy. One day all this is yours!” Tom, my other sibling, knew this and he knew he would have to make his own way. He isn’t as tall and strong as Borvin, but he is a very skilled swordsman. He was one of the men serving in the protection detail for the “Red Rock” trade caravan father was travelling with to Gate Pass each week. One day he was fighting off armed robbers near the city gates as a sergeant of the guard was watching. They recruited him on the spot.

I was born 10 years after the Ragesians were driven out of the city. I always lacked the physical talents and feats of my elder brothers. However, I was gifted with something nobody in my family had – extraordinary intelligence. My mother told me I could talk in full sentences on my first birthday. My father never had much use for me. I was of no great assistance on the farm, and he didn’t appreciate my wonderful ideas for improving productivity. I used to spend most of my time in the nearby caves and tunnels, relics from the time of the resistance, exploring and looking for treasures. Mother was furious; she said it is too dangerous.

It was during that time, when I was 12, that I met Konrad Schulz on one of my “excavations”. Konrad is a curator in a library in Gate Pass and an enthusiastic adventurer, like me. By the time I met him he was in his mid forties. He started to accompany me, since he didn’t want a child running around alone in the tunnels and because he enjoyed my company. About three months later he made me an offer. I was to start an apprenticeship in his library. Of course, I couldn’t travel to Gate Pass every morning by myself. So he offered to let me sleep in a free room in his library, much to mother’s dislike. With all the books around, I started spending less time adventuring in caves and built up respectable knowledge in math, sciences, literature and history. To no surprise Konrad’s library housed the biggest collection of relics and fossils in Gate Pass, most of them found by himself. Eventually I stopped going back to the farm for weekends. Father didn’t notice until I finally told them I would move out for good.

Konrad’s library is frequently visited by students of Gabal’s school. In fact, Konrad himself has some sort of storied history with Gabal, but he won’t speak on what. This is how I met Lars Holmstedt. Lars is a wizard and a scholar at Gabal’s who should become my best friend in the following years. It was he who encouraged me to use my intellect and knowledge to provide a service to the city or even the military. He said he had never met someone more gifted. Konrad by then had become more a father to me than Vidar ever was. I’m not sure how Konrad achieved it, but I was invited to Gabal’s School on my 18th birthday.

I graduated as Salutatorian, second in my class at Gabal’s School (where graduation occurs every four years). There is one person who was ranked higher, as Valedictorian – “Trimas”. However, I do not recognize his results! He cheated! Of that I am certain. Alas, I cannot prove it at this time.

After graduation, students are assigned to various ‘on the job’ roles, such as military support, expeditions to the Shihalesti captial or equaly prestigious endeavours. However I have been given a mysterious task to go to the “Poison Apple Pub”, meet a contact named “Torrent” and help him/her however I can. I did not bust my ass in wizard school to do grunt work!

Rigar Valentis

As Winter Comes Glomp