Gate Pass Military Police. Sergeant of second squad, Eagle Company.


-Born and raised in Gate Pass

-Father was Donn, a Captain-Commander in the Gate Pass Military Police.

-As part of the Resistance, he was instrumental in driving the Ragesians from Gate Pass and is remembered fondly. Gabal remembers him well.

-He was killed in mysterious circumstances, when he was about to make a speech at a pro-independance rally. (Gabal is convinced it was Ragesian payback) almost 15 years ago, when you were still very young.

-You try to live up to his reputation, but have always been in his shadow.

-Still, you performed well and are a young burly Sergeant, respected by your men and commoners alike.

-The Resistance has also always kept an eye on you, out of respect for your father.

-You’ve led several missions to root out bandits preying on the farms surrounding Gate Pass and have taken part in riot control operations within gate pass. You know Tawar, a Half-Orc Ranger, fairly well. She’s assisted on several missions.

-With the encroaching Ragesian army, you’re determined to do what you can to help and have tentatively reached out to the ‘man you know’ in the resistance.

· The man you know is called Bors and is a baker.

· Your best friend in the city is Harry, a stone mason.

Other questions:

· Mother? Seamstress. Died a few years back.

· Siblings? None

· Girlfriend? None


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