As Winter Comes

Leaving the City

Dear Konrad,

I hope this letter finds you alive and well. The least I can expect from Buron is to get it to you safely, seeing as every rebellion friendly soul we meet on the way out thinks we’re their personal errand boys.

Whilst the others went to Erdan Menash’s estate and retrieved the information we were looking for, I attended some important business in the safe house. I agreed to improve the magical barriers and enchantments they had in place for the hideout of some magic users they were harbouring from the inquisitors. I don’t have to tell you that their efforts were sub-standard at best; so it was wise to ask me for help. Although I am more than capable, this task had left me tired, so bear with me while I try to recollect what happened after that.

I rejoined the others just in time to rescue them from an ambush they ran into. I’m telling you Konrad, these guys would be doomed without me.
We dispatched of the imposters wearing city guard uniforms, who later turned out to be Black Horse mercenaries.
To our surprise, after the battle was over, Rantel came out of hiding. I am sure you’ve heard of him and his exploits in and around Gate Pass.
He knew who we are, what we are up to and where we are headed. He seemed quite arrogant, if you ask me! He wants us to take a letter to his sister in Lyceum. Like I said, errand boys…

The note the others received from Menash got us an audience with Captain Herreman. He followed the instructions in the note and set the plan in motion to get us out of the city.
He organized 4 of his trusted men, horses, guard uniforms and a reasonable patrol order, should we be questioned. The patrol was led by a lieutenant, who made no effort to introduce himself to us. I do expect such rude behaviour from the rank and file, but then again, Donnacha seems surprisingly well mannered.

On our way out, the 4 soldiers made quick work of mobs gathering, using the general panic in the city to their advantage. We came across looters in the shop “Ronald’s Radiant Reagents”. Ronald was already dead – a shame, he was a nice guy. Mistaking us for city guards, due to our disguise, the murderers attacked us. Their leader seemed awfully familiar and when Torrent joined us she recognised the halfling and convinced him to surrender.

When we approached the gate our ploy worked and we are now camped for the night outside the city in guard post.

I am not sure when I will be able to write again. Please be careful and be safe. No doubt you heard the bells ring tonight. The inquisitors are in the city. Be mindful of who you are seen with!

With best regards,



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