As Winter Comes

Approaching the Fire Forest

As they drew closer to the Fire Forest our adventures find a farmstead

Our intrepid band continued onwards through the snowfilled woods of the mountains. As their horses rode, they could feel the snow melting below their hooves. The Fire Forest was close now.

Leaving the mountains, our destination came into view. A forest full of trees, stripped of all but their branches and each one burning bright and constant. The border to the forest was marked by a boiling river. We would soon have to cross it but an unexpected sight was before us. A farmstead stood below us with a young girl sitting by the road watching the forest burn.

Nervously, Ta’Waran and Donnacha approached her. Without looking she spoke a vision;
“The Scourge comes and the Skulls of the Dragon pursue you. I saw it in a dream.”

The girl introduced herself to us as Crystin, daughter of Haddin. This name was known to us. Haddin was a powerful wizard from Gate Pass. His brother had done terrible things and was known for his violent nature. One day, he turned over a new leaf. It transpired that Haddin had been controlling his brother with magic. When this news got out Haddin’s reputation was ruined, his brother perished trying to stand up for him and he was driven from the city. Crystin informed us that he had been living as a hermit here ever since and, realising our destination, begged us to convince her father to leave.

After some discussion, we agreed. Haddin sat by his hearth, over which was a hammer that we took to be his brothers and was far from glad to have vistors. He carried the burden of years of guilt and was reluctant to leave his home inspite of the impending danged posed by the Ragesians. With a combination of charm, flattery and reasoning we convinced him. Ta’waran’s knowledge of the Ragesians and Donnacha tactically using the connection with Crystin proved especially relevant.

Rather than head immediately, we elected to rest a while at the farmstead. This would give us a full days worth of travel through the Fire Forest, though things are never that simple. There was a heavy knock at the door. It was a Ragesian Inquisitor, Boreas and his minions. He was sent to dispatch the old wizard and his daughter. What they got was Donnacha charging them down instead!

The fight was long and hard, but we prevailed and collapsed to get sleep leaving the world with 1 less inquizitor and 5 less Ragesian hobgoblins.

End of Act 1




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