As Winter Comes

After Action Report - 3rd day of Deepwinter


Please find my After Action Report for the 3rd day of Hammer. The names of the party members have been omitted in case this report should fall into enemy hands.

Report begins:

With the intelligence mentioned in my previous report, we returned to your location from the warehouse to report our findings.
Upon delivering the report (my previous report – date 2nd day of Hammer) we rested for several hours, awaiting the return of T from her mission.
It was at this point that you advised us of the undead incursion. We proceeded to the vault and engaged a number of Dwarven corpses which appeared to have been awakened by the recent combat within the city. We ultimately prevailed, though I was rendered unconscious for a time.

Upon recuperating, we proceeded to the common room and relaxed for approximately 4 hours before sleeping. During this downtime, the group engaged in various activities, the Bard, the Scout and I providing some support to a number of the refugees.

We were awoken the following morning by you Sir, at which point you made your offer of formal membership of the organisation to us. The Bard seems to have already been a member. If I may make a personal observation Sir, the Mage has my respect and has performed well in combat. I know he has declined the offer of full membership, but I believe he can be trusted.

We received our orders from you at approximately 6am and proceeded directly to The School, with the intention of delaying “S”.

Upon our arrival, we were stopped at the gate by “D”. We engaged him in conversation and he expressed a dislike of “S”. Seeing an opportunity, the Bard and I convinced him to help us delay “S”. He agreed to place a magical shield around her quarters to stop her leaving whilst we were inside.

We proceeded to her quarters and confronted her. A quick tactical assessment told us that her skills, magical ability and experience would grant her overwhelming superiority over us in combat, so we adopted a diplomatic approach. We were successful in convincing her that our goals and those of her masters were aligned and that we should work together.

She agreed to take us to the object and hand it over to us. In exchange, we will provide any valuable intelligence obtained from it to her and her people.

Sergeant “D”.
3rd day of Hammer.
Report Ends.



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